5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Your 5 a Day

Balancing your diet for any fitness goal can be a mine field. Fruit and veg is essential to include in your diet for many health reasons but can be difficult to incorporate. The issue with today’s society is that fresh produce doesn’t tend to keep for long.

A common problem I find is that I begin my week with good intentions to include plenty of fresh veg in my diet but by Wednesday it has started to wilt and go off. I don’t have time to shop more frequently so my diet gets progressively blander as the week progresses.

I am going to highlight 5 great reasons you should consider incorporating more greens into your diet and one simple solution that’s suitable for everyone.

1. Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for proper bone, muscle, skin and hair health.

They are needed in small amounts in our diets, but deficiencies can lead to serious health concerns. Vitamin C is a good example which can be found in green leafy veg.

Low levels of this in our diets causes our bones to weaken and become misshapen and will eventually kill us. For our bodies to perform optimally we need sufficient vitamins in our diet.

2. Minerals

Minerals are like vitamins in that we need very small amounts in our diet in order to perform optimally. Minerals like calcium are found in plentiful amounts in green veg and is needed to ensure muscle function.

3. Fibre

Fibre is the component of fruit and veg that is indigestible to us. It’s role though, is critical for our health.

It sits in our intestines and feeds the good bacteria there. These bacteria produce all manner of beneficial products and regulate our immune system and hormones.

This helps prevent immune dysregulation that can lead to heart disease and cancer. Without enough fibre people initially suffer from constipation and this progresses on to more serious health issues.

4. Fatty Acids

Although found more abundantly in fish and dairy, greens contain precursors for omega 3 fatty acids.

These are essential for skin and hair health and for hormone function. They lower the risk for heart disease and stroke as well as contributing to an optimally functioning body.

5. Health

Fruit and veg are essential for overall health. Initially they contribute to a healthy gut. A healthy gut means you can obtain optimal nutrition from everything else you eat. It also means a healthy immune system.

This helps minimise the chance of catching colds and the flu and lowers risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Supplement It!

When your gut and immune system are working well your body can rest and relax which is essential for muscle growth and development. Your energy levels improve and you actually feel more alert by day and sleep better at night.

It seems clear why we need to include more fruit and veg in our diet but actually doing so can be challenging.

Bulk Powers have produced a product that can save you a lot of time and effort.

Complete Greens is a powdered supplement that contains 25 nutrient dense green foods. These ingredients are good quality and the product contains no “fillers” so each scoop gives you a full dose of nutrient dense goodness.

It can be added to food, smoothies or shakes and equates to more than your 5 a day recommendation. It is vegan friendly and at only 28 calories per serving can be incorporated into any weight loss regime.

For a more comprehensive analysis of the ingredients or to order your Complete Greens, head over to the Bulkpowders website.

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