Starting Working Out And Getting Motivated (Personal Trainer?)

Exercise is hard. There are no two ways around this statement.

Everyone Struggles

Whether you are starting working out from scratch, or trying to move on to a new routine, or achieving your next goal there is a huge amount of mental focus needed alongside the obvious physical strain.

People who appear really fit and motivated to the outside world often seem to have it all figured out. They can give the impression that they are finding the whole thing dead easy and that they are lucky to lead a lifestyle that allows for working out and healthy eating.

Actually, there is a huge amount that the outside world is missing when these people appear before you. They have done more hard work than you can imagine and are now starting to reap the benefits.

The first step is motivation

It all starts with motivation. Motivation gets you up and going. Motivation gives you that spark, that drive to make a change. It can be something small like eating less sugar or it can be something huge like training for a marathon. Once you get the initial buzz from the idea then this gets you started on a path towards a healthier future.

The common problem arises when that motivation fades. When things start to get tough and you are feeling down, demotivated or depressed then it can prove to be impossible to carry on with
a workout or diet plan.

Another issue is an already busy lifestyle. A busy job, large family, commitments with friends or university work can end up taking over. These things are hugely important but should not stop you from living a healthy and active life.

Building Habit

The thing that keeps you going despite the fade in motivation or the overwhelming issue of commitments is habit.

Habit builds up slowly and keeps you working on the positive change despite whatever else is trying to distract you. Habit builds from motivation and happens in tiny increments. A small change, repeated over and over becomes easier and easier as time goes on.

The more you work on habits the less you need to think about them. Eventually they become second nature and you can harness all this mental energy to do the things you love.

All the little benefits compound

Eating healthy stops being boring and you start to really enjoy the taste of home cooked, nutritious meals and fruit instead of sugary snacks. Your body starts to select behaviors that lead to better choices almost subconsciously.

All this initial effort will pay off in ways that you can’t imagine and the benefits from a healthy lifestyle are almost too numerous to list. You feel better, you can think clearer, you will notice a decrease in that lethargy that always seems to be hanging over you. The effects of illnesses are reduced and the risks of health conditions like heart disease and diabetes are much reduced.

Starting working out

Now this is all plain and simple to write and read but how do I get started at the gym for the first time?

If you have never tried before then getting started is extremely difficult. Also, if you are already making huge efforts to workout but now feel like you are not progressing you may be stuck in a rut. This is where you have managed your initial goals and you were feeling great but after a while you don’t seem to be getting any further.

Both of these situations are just as difficult to get out of. You know basically what you need to do. You need to make a change, but you are not sure where.

Understanding which foods are good for you and which ones are not can be an absolute minefield.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel

There is too much information out there to filter through and often things that claim to be healthy are not at all. In a similar sense, starting a new work out or changing up a routine can be just as confusing and difficult. You can end up feeling like you need to study a whole degree just to gain the basics.

This is where personal training can help.

The 8 week workout has been set up by Callum Melly. He may be a Mens Fitness magazine cover model but he has been through exactly the same struggles that everyone faces when it comes to working out.

He understands how difficult it can be starting out. Everyone has to begin somewhere.

His plan has been set up to shoulder the issue of the mental preparation that is needed to set up each habit. The online plan is designed to work over 8 weeks to drive that initial motivation into habits that will last a lifetime.

Is a personal trainer worth it?

A personal trainer takes the trial and error out of exercise and healthy eating. Benefits of a personal trainer are:

  • Faster and better results.

  • Proper noticeable fat loss and muscle gain.

  • They help to motivate you!

  • Get out of that rut! Overcome plateaus!

  • Reduce your chances of injury.

  • Most importantly you will set up good habits to last a lifetime.

8 Week Workout

All direct correspondence via email or social media are with Callum himself. He believes in the importance of keeping personal training personal and is available to offer expertise and support whenever needed.

If you think you need an extra push to get going or to progress from the point you are at now then the 8 week workout is for you.

They offer a day trial that is completely free so you can give it a go without investing initially. If you like what it has to offer then we have a promo code that will give you a 20% discount for the training plan.

Follow this link to find out more and use the exclusive promo code HOMESWEETGYM for a 20% discount.

The tricky part is getting started but it is also tough to keep going. 8 week workout has your back. As long as you invest the time then you get to reap all the benefits. Invest in your future, invest in your health, invest in yourself.

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