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Building Your Own Gym

Are you looking to build a gym in your home?

I’ve done it. Let me tell you, it’s great! It is such a sensible bit of home improvement for anyone that likes exercise. It adds a new level of utility to your home akin to simply having a kitchen. You never turn up to the gym and find someone using your equipment, it’s always open, no membership fees, and it’s all yours!

Where do you even start?

First you need to decide what your goals are and what you want to get out of your home gym. That will tell you the type of equipment you need. The only true essential is that it meets your needs.

Do you want to get strong?
You’ll want some mass to pick up. Don’t forget to eat enough.

You want to loose weight?
You’ll want some to do some cardio and have a bit or resistance or strength exercise mixed in. Combine that with a balanced diet.

Where do you keep the equipment?

You don’t need lots of space to make a home gym. Heck, if calisthenics is your style, you only really need some floor space.
With clever designs in exercise equipment, they come as compact and minimalistic as you like. Fold up bikes and cross trainers are common pieces of kit.

Your own living room or bedroom can become your very own home gym with the right ideas. That said, if you have a spare room, garage, shed, or even just your garden; you can definitely get something set up!

What about the equipment itself?

Gym equipment can be very versatile. Do you like a bit of DIY? You can even build your own equipment. I built my own power rack. It works great and is as strong as anything you would find in a commercial gym.

The equipment doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be quite cheap

Where do you get the equipment? How do you choose the equipment?

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